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First impressions are always important. When you meet someone you make up your mind about them pretty quickly, this is the same  when someone first comes across your business. Your branding is what will give that person their first impression of your business. What creates this impression is the colours you use, tone of voice you speak to consumers in, the brand name and design of your logo.

With first impressions out of the way. Your branding now tells customers what to expect from your product or services. Think of the brands selling high quality goods. The best brands show this quality in their branding from their designs, colours and message therefore it is important to get this right and send the right message to your customers.

Branding is crucial to your businesses success. You can spend tons on advertising and getting your business in front of people, but if your branding is wrong, you will struggle to turn the people seeing your business into customers.

From Logo design to tone of voice, KT Digital Marketing will work with you to give your business the right image to help it excel in its sector and stand above the rest.

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Logo Design

A businesses logo is one of the most important aspects of branding. It is essentially the face of your business. It becomes a symbol of your business that can tell a person which company it is without seeing the businesses name.

The design of a logo can also tell you a lot about a business, what industry it is in and its values. It is therefore important to get the design right so it represents what your business stands for.

You logo is also going to be plastered over everything, from your website to business cards so there is no getting away from it, so make sure it looks great.

Tone of Voice/Your message

Your tone of voice expresses your brands personality and values. It is a great way to set you apart from the rest. If no one focused on this every business would be the same with price being the only thing that won business.

Getting your branding right, including how you spread your message with allow people to understand how you are different. As we have just mentioned it allows you to show your personality and values. These are huge factors for customers in deciding who they want to do business with as many people will match their own values with those of a business. If someone thinks the way your business thinks you have a good chance of working with this person.

Colour Scheme

Colour is extremely important for your business. It is not the simple case of, “I like the colour red, it looks nice so lets do that”. This is a common problem when it comes to picking the right colour for a business.

You might not know it but colours produce emotional responses from people. Taking the colour red for instance, can represent danger! As you can imagine this might not be the look you want for your business.

If your business it about helping the environment then green would be a great colour as it represents nature and the environment. If your a creative, fantastic, digital marketing agency then blue is a good choice as it represents creativity and reliability.