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We are KT Digital Marketing based in Bury, Greater Manchester, supporting businesses, big and small, to achieve their goals with the help of our experts in digital marketing.

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, generate more leads or start up a new business, we can help achieve these goals through our personal approach. We deliver on our promises with our expertise in SEO, web design, social media, and other digital marketing services.

To ensure we get the best results we get to know and understand your business and its needs, talking to you in a language you understand as digital marketing does not have to be confusing. We want you to understand what is happening every step of the way.

For us, you achieving your goals means we will have achieved ours.

Let's Work Together.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Your branding now tells customers what to expect from your product or services. Think of the brands selling high quality goods. The best brands show this quality in their branding from their designs, colours and message therefore it is important to get this right and send the right message to your customers.


These days search engines like Google dominate the web, being a huge influence on how many visits your website gets, down to where it ranks in search engines. SEO (Search engine optimisation) is about improving your rankings organically, so not paying to be an ad at the top of Google search, but to rank on the first page naturally. KT Digital Marketing looks at what needs improving on your site to rocket you up the rankings and get your business noticed.

Web Design

A businesses website is its biggest online asset so it is important to get it right. From outstanding web design, great user experience and high conversion optimisation. We work with your business to understand its goals and what it stands for to create you a website your business deserves. We aim to bridge the gap between the expensive bespoke designed websites that many businesses can not afford. To the cheap templates that do not do the right job for the business. Please get in touch to find out how we aim to achieve this.

Social Media

Today, social media dominates the internet with people spending, on average, around a third of their time on it. Over 2 billion people have active social media accounts, that’s a lot of potential customers your business could be missing out on without a strong social media presence. Not only that, but search engines are using social media as a strong influence on the credibility of a business, as it helps such things as your business’s search engine rankings.

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